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"it's amazing how much happiness 100x100 pixels can bring."

graphics community for all types of crap: icons. banners. yada yada ya - (mostly icons though). join and steal all the crap i post here. but be considerate: make sure you comment and credit if you take something. actually comments are optional but i'd love to get some feedback. requests are always welcome at anytime for now - if you're interested that is. please please please do not hotlink. stealing bandwidth should be a punishable crime. if you happen to spot any pictures, brushes, textures, etc made by you that i have used without credit, please let me know so that i can either remove them or credit you. thankyou and tell your friends! <3<3<3 Raverbelle.

member numbers are low.
this is still a fairly new community so more people need to join up! :D

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premade_ljs 100x100_brushes icon_tutorial reversescollide colorfilter STOCK.XCHNG

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