Kandi (raverbelle) wrote in raverbelleicons,

Miyavi Icons

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OMG those are soo awesome! *.* MEEVERS!!!!!!
yay! XD
so happy you like em!

They are so cool!! I absolutely love them. *giggles and stares at the pretty Miyavi icons* Wow, so awesome. They actually did make my day a lot happier. *squees* Anyway, saving them to my computer and when I find a place to use them, I'll make sure to credit you. :D
Aw I'm so glad I could contribute to a little bit of happiness in your day! :D
I like the first two. ^^
Thanks! XD
Taking 3 & 5! Will credit!^^
awesome! thanks! XD
so pretty, takin 2 will credit!!!
^_^ glad you like!!!
Awesome! Took #5. ♥

yay! ENJOY!!!
could u tell me where to get the brush u used for the second icon?
thanks sandra
my laptop actually died so i can't find out the maker. i'm frequently on the brush communites so when i find it again i'll post the link up for it to you! :)
your icons are god damn amazing *o* taking #5 <3
awww shucks! glad you like them! :D